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Dos and Dont's

  • DO show your enthusiasm

    You can show your enthusiasm for your chosen course by proving you are really passionate about your area of study. A good strategy is to show you're up to date with the latest developments. For example, you could mention you've read an article, a book or watched a documentary that is related to the course.

  • DO give lots of examples

    You have to show the universities what makes you a good candidate for their course, so try to write about your most relevant experiences and give examples. Describe concrete situations that show how you developed your skills through personal projects, work experiences or hobbies.

  • DO make it easy to read

    It's important you link the ideas and make your Statement sound natural. Just like a story that's easy to read, your Personal Statement should have an introduction, a middle and an ending.

  • DON'T mention Uni names

    If you apply to several Unis, don't mention any of their names because your Personal Statement is the same for all of them. Also, if you're applying to different courses, don't mention their names or any domain-specific skills. You can talk in general about skills that you can use in various contexts, such as creativity.

  • DON’T write your CV

    Avoid naming all the countries you’ve visited and all the activities you’ve done. Your Personal Statement is not a CV and its purpose is not to be a list of everything you did in the past.

  • DON'T make spelling mistakes

    Having mistakes in your Personal Statement can show the universities that you don't care much about your application. To avoid this, make sure you use a dictionary or an online application for spelling.


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