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Electronic Music

Anglia Ruskin University
  • Data de início

    2020 - 2021
  • Fees

    £9 250
  • Study mode

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  • Campus

    Cambridge Campus
  • Qualification

    Bachelor of Arts

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Experiment with music technologies, diverse genres, styles and musical approaches to create a unique portfolio with which to launch your career as an electronic producer-artist. Explore the diverse field of electronic music on this innovative course, from its beginnings to the present and on to emerging trends. Create electronic music drawing from electronic popular music, electronic dance music and experimental electronica, combining genres and technologies in innovative productions Approach the course through your particular musical interests in individual and collaborative projects, and investigate new methods that will enhance your musical creativity Prepare for a career in an industry whose employment figures rose 19% from 2015-16 ( Perform to the public at local venues including Cambridge Junction. Make full use of our industry-standard facilities and add the latest music software to your CV Drawing from over 100 yearsâ?? worth of insights in applying electricity to music production, our BA (Hons) Electronic Music will challenge your expectations of electronic music, allowing you to explore links and connections between different forms of electronic music practice, and will give you the scope to experiment in creating your sound and musical identity. Youâ??ll learn techniques that will prepare you for the world of electronic music production - a world that ranges across commercial and experimental music, from pop production through to electronic dance music, electronica, music for media and experimental music. Youâ??ll also explore the history of electronic music, from its early twentieth century pioneers through to krautrock, synthpop, industrial, techno and on to more recent trends in this diverse field of music making, identifying practices that you can incorporate into your own music. Whether your interests lie in songwriting and music production emphasising electronic sound, creative experimental approaches, or exploring the genres and sub-genres of electronic dance music, this course will allow you to make the most of them. Over 3 years, youâ??ll study modules across four different strands, developing your knowledge and skills in production; performance; the contexts and histories of electronic music; and creative entrepreneurship for music. Youâ??ll also acquire electronic music production techniques using digital audio workstations (e.g. Logic X, Ableton Live and Pro Tools HD), and gain experience using a variety of analogue and digital technologies to produce your projects. Our optional modules will allow you to broaden your experience by applying these skills to music for media projects (for example, in games, films and apps). Throughout your studies, youâ??ll be supported by a teaching team with wide-ranging expertise in electronic music, popular music and creative music technology. You can also join our Electronic Music Society, which hosts weekly workshops and organises live performances and club nights.