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Anglia Ruskin University
  • Data de início

    2020 - 2021
  • Fees

    £9 250
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  • Campus

    Cambridge Campus
  • Qualification

    Bachelor of Arts

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Explore the world of history to get ahead in the world today. On our history course, you can choose to study a broad range of historical periods and subjects, including film, sexuality, the First World War, family and gender, the Russian Revolution, and Thatcher and the New Right. You'll also learn the critical and analytical skills needed for many different jobs. Our history degree will open up new worlds for you. Youâ??ll study revolutions, slavery, wars and battles, the making of great leaders, the rise of the middle classes, family and gender roles, and the suffering of the poor. By reading and interpreting documents, and comparing the lives of different people, youâ??ll develop critical and analytical skills and learn to evaluate and communicate your ideas. Youâ??ll also learn more about the forces and events that shape our world today. Our modules will introduce you to a broad range of historical approaches and periods, but will also allow you to specialise in your own areas of interest. Youâ??ll study the histories of Britain, Europe and the United States from circa 1500 onwards, looking in detail at the history of modern Europe, including the First and Second World Wars, the Russian revolution and the Cold War. You can choose to learn more about family and social history, or how town life differed from rural life. Youâ??ll have the opportunity to study British history from the Tudors to Theresa May, or learn about the history of the United States since 1776. Our course will also allow you to explore the British Empire and forms of imperialism, which affected so many lives in countries around the world. In the last year of your degree, the Major Project will allow you to become a historian and research any topic of your choice. Past students have investigated topics such as the media coverage of the Vietnam War, child labour in the Industrial Revolution, punk rock, 18th-century dandies, First World War military strategy and the crimes of Jack the Ripper.