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University Of Bath
  • Data de início

    2020 - 2021
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    University Of Bath
  • Qualification

    Master of Engineering

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Develop a broad understanding of chemical engineering. Gain the professional, technical and managerial skills to pursue a wide range of careers as an engineer. Our course gives you a thorough grounding in the practices of chemical engineering. It develops your professional skills in engineering, mathematics, science, information technology, research, design, communication and management. Throughout the course, youâ??ll reinforce lecture material with practical lab sessions, learning how to gather and analyse data to develop industrial strategies. Youâ??ll explore new technologies and gain a comprehensive understanding of process design. Your studies will give you the confidence to critically apply scientific and engineering knowledge. Youâ??ll also develop transferable skills such as problem solving, teamwork and resource management. Integrating these with your technical knowledge, youâ??ll learn how to tackle complex, and often open-ended, engineering problems. Projects are a key feature of your studies and a chance for you to develop scientific ideas from the bench scale to process scale. Youâ??ll apply your engineering knowledge to a full chemical process such as designing an anaerobic digester plant, a water treatment facility for a refugee camp, or a low-carbon ammonia synthesis plant. Studying an MEng gives you an in-depth study experience through advanced taught units and project work. You can explore topics in more depth through a semester-long research project that can be completed at Bath, a university abroad or in industry. Our MEng degrees also fulfil the educational requirements you need to become a Chartered Engineer.

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