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Electronic Engineering with Space Science Technology (Sandwich)

University Of Bath
  • Data de início

    2020 - 2021
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    University Of Bath
  • Qualification

    Bachelor of Engineering

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Design, operate and build electronic systems for the space environment. Gain the engineering skills needed for a career in the space industry. Our course takes you beyond the conventional engineering difficulties of designing equipment for use on Earthâ??s surface. Youâ??ll develop the skills needed to design and build systems and platforms for the hostile environment of space. Your first two years develop your understanding of electrical engineering science before specialising in space science and technology. Youâ??ll study electronics and communications technologies with elements of space and planetary science. Your learning will be supported by the latest theory and practice in spacecraft engineering, space electronics, Earth observation, the space environment and weather. Youâ??ll have opportunities to put what you learn in lectures into practice through project work. Group and individual projects give you the chance to work on specialist topics such as systems-level designs for satellites and planetary landers. Youâ??ll apply business, teamwork and management skills to solve industry-focused engineering challenges. Your ability to combine professional and technical engineering knowledge will prepare you for a career in the space industry.