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University Of Bath
  • Data de início

    2020 - 2021
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    University Of Bath
  • Qualification

    Master of Physics

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Master the mysteries of physics from first principles to advanced problem-solving. Physics is â??the science of everythingâ??. It teaches you about matter, energy and how they interact, from subatomic to cosmological scales. Learn about the structure of physical laws and take part in their discovery. Along the way, you will learn to think like a physicist. During the course, you'll develop powerful problem-solving skills, preparing you not only for a career in physics but for many other fields as well. You'll also gain the knowledge and skills of an independent scientist, with sound mathematical and experimental expertise, and the ability to solve complex problems on your own. The Master of Physics (MPhys) degree gives you the opportunity to enhance and deepen your knowledge compared to BSc courses, particularly in topics at the forefront of research. Youâ??ll study masterâ??s level units and carry out a major masterâ??s level research project, giving you ideal preparation for postgraduate study or a career in research.

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