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Brunel University
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    2020 - 2021
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    £15 860
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    Brunel University
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    Bachelor of Science

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Anthropology offers a unique and powerful means for understanding cultural and social diversity in the modern world. It considers issues which can lead to mind blowing revelations about how individuals and cultures experience life differently. Anthropology is concerned with contemporary issues such as multiculturalism, identity politics, racism and ethnic nationalism, changing forms of the family, religious conflict, gender, and the political role of culture. It also addresses perennial questions about human nature, such as: â??What do we have in common with each other cross-culturally?â?? and â??What makes us different?â??. If you are intrigued by these questions and want to study a discipline that will enrich your everyday life as well as equip you for a great variety of occupations, anthropology is the right course for you. A special feature of the course at Brunel is the opportunity to do fieldwork placements anywhere in the world according to your anthropological interests. Fieldwork is excellent preparation for work and a chance to make useful contacts and will help to add greater meaning to academic studies. Around half of Brunelâ??s anthropology students carry out a placement or fieldwork abroad, in places as wide ranging as India, Nepal, Australia, South Africa, Papua New Guinea and Jamaica. Recent UK placement destinations include the Royal Anthropological Institute, Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom, Amnesty International and the Department of Health. Examples of dissertation titles based on fieldwork findings have included work in a Nepalese monastery, a South African womenâ??s refuge, the Police Complaints Authority (on the Stephen Lawrence case), as well as in schools and charities. Outside of classes, you can look forward to a one of the most cultural diverse campuses in the UK with opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Additionally, Brunelâ??s anthropological student society arrange class trips to places like the Pitt Rivers museum in Oxford, and the campusâ??s London location makes it ideal for exploring places like the British Museum in Central London.