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Communication and Media Studies

Brunel University
  • Data de início

    2020 - 2021
  • Fees

    £17 355
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    Brunel University
  • Qualification

    Bachelor of Science

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What is the social and cultural impact of media communications in todayâ??s world? How do communication and information media actually work and what are their importance to our society? This course enjoys a very close relationship with sociology at Brunel and combines the theoretical elements of sociology with the practical elements of media studies. Youâ??ll focus on all aspects of society: its personal, social and cultural dimensions. Studying communications and media at Brunel is not just limited to the classroom. Youâ??ll have the opportunity to broaden your mind by going on field trips and joining film sessions, where youâ??ll learn about cameras lighting and editing. Youâ??ll be able to attend optional company visits, for example IMG studios, where youâ??ll receive a tour of the studios. On this course youâ??ll have the chance to make your own films in groups. Youâ??ll develop your skills in our media services suite which has industry-standard facilities. Youâ??ll be taught about the software Final Cut Pro and how to use different types of Canon cameras. Youâ??ll experiment with different lighting styles and practise sound editing techniques. This practical work will equip you with the skills youâ??ll need for a media related career or for working in the field of production. If you choose to go on a placement, youâ??ll benefit form Brunelâ??s contacts and location. Examples of recent student placements have been in advertising, digital marketing and public relations in organisations such as Cartoon Network, IMG Media, Sweet Images and the Walt Disney Company.