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Brunel University
  • Data de início

    2020 - 2021
  • Fees

    £15 860
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    Brunel University
  • Qualification

    Bachelor of Arts

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Far from being just knowledge of the past, studying issues related to important world events, defence, security, intelligence and strategy are not only insightful, theyâ??ll be highly valued in a troubled world by employers within these fields, and beyond. A varied set of core modules will take you into scope of studying history at University, whether youâ??ve got a history qualification or not. Modules like â??What is Historyâ?? which uncovers the themes and tools used by historians and â??Total War in the Modern Eraâ??, chronicling key wars and their influence, will help prepare you for the more specialist modes to follow later in the course. A wide range of optional modules in years two and three will help you decide where your interests lie in preparation for your final year project, including the option to study intelligence and security taught by experts in the Universityâ??s internationally renowned Centre of Intelligence and Security Studies (BCISS). Along the way, you will build a toolkit of transferable skills gained through evidence gathering, analysis, problem solving, drafting and communications, which can be applied to a wide range of industries within the public and private sector. Opt for a placement year and youâ??ll be adding a yearâ??s experience in a job role and industry sector that will help to show future employers where you might be a good fit for their organisation. Your placement doesnâ??t have to be related to history and youâ??ll get plenty of support from staff and resources in the Universityâ??s Professional Development Centre. Studying military and international history at Brunel has many advantages. Situated in London, the course has established links to world-renowned archives and libraries based in and close to London, including the Caird Library (National Maritime Museum), The National Archives and the Imperial War Museum, among others. Additionally, the original WWII operations bunker used by Sir Winston Churchill on the former RAF Uxbridge is a walk away from campus where Brunel students regularly volunteer.

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