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University Of Bath
  • Data de início

    2020 - 2021
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    University Of Bath
  • Qualification

    Master of Science

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Explore the interesting intersection of psychology and economics. Youâ??ll gain a deep, well-rounded understanding of human behaviour and learn how to predict it. This MSc enables you to delve deeply into the two inter-related disciplines of psychology and economics, in order to better explore, understand and predict the decisions people make. Combining economic modelling with what psychology can tell us about individual behaviour and emotions youâ??ll learn to create highly accurate models for predicting human behaviour, which can then be used to empower behaviour change at both a micro and macro level. This course is ideal if you are seeking to work in any area where understanding human decision-making is critical. This ranges from industry and healthcare, to developing new technologies or policies, and beyond. The course has been designed from a truly interdisciplinary perspective, bringing together specialist teaching and expertise from both the Department of Psychology and Department of Economics. Youâ??ll work with research-active, staff whoâ??ll collaborate to deliver the content, give you exposure to the latest issues and trends, and links with employers, and ensure you gain the interdisciplinary insights that will set you apart in the jobs market. You will leave this course with: Graduate prospects Graduates with this level of interdisciplinary knowledge and skills are in high demand among employers, so you will be well placed to gain work in any field where a deep understanding of human behaviour is critical. You could take your skills into government, banking or finance, healthcare, the third sector, economic regulation, human resources or executive management. You could also take your studies further to doctoral level.

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