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University Of Bath
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    2020 - 2021
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    University Of Bath
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    Master of Arts

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Gain specialist knowledge and practical skills for the teaching of academic subjects in English. All over the world, educational institutions at primary, secondary and tertiary levels are increasingly using English to teach academic subjects to students whose first language is not English. These subjects include business, engineering, science, biology, chemistry, physics, agriculture and medicine. English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI), also sometimes referred to as English-medium teaching or bilingual education, is seen as a crucial aspect of helping institutions internationalise their offer and prepare their students for a globalised job market. If you work as an educator in this field already, or aspire to do so, this masterâ??s course offers you a unique opportunity to acquire specialised knowledge, skills and expertise in this rapidly-expanding area. This course covers everything from EMI policy design to classroom pedagogy and strategies for intercultural communication with diverse student groups. You will learn how to develop effective EMI courses and teaching materials to suit your studentsâ?? learning needs, and how to draw on research to inform your daily practice and decision making. We place particular emphasis on helping you apply the latest thinking about EMI teaching to your own country and context. All the assignments are closely linked to real world activities that you will need to perform as an EMI educator. Bath is highly regarded in the field of English language education. Working with our researchers, you will develop knowledge and skills from a range of academic fields, equipping you for employment in diverse EMI-related fields. By the end of the course, you will be able to: Graduate prospects When you graduate from this course, you will be well qualified to work in a broad variety of EMI-related roles. You could work in international primary and secondary education, an international school, migrant education or educational policy development. Your skills would also lend themselves towards working in:

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