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Brunel University
  • Data de início

    2020 - 2021
  • Fees

    £18 720
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  • Campus

    Brunel University
  • Qualification

    Master of Science

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The Disease Mechanisms and Therapeutics MSc is a dynamic masterâ??s programme, allowing you to gain hands-on experience as you delve into present-day medical understanding and try to create real advances in disease treatment and prevention. Youâ??ll choose a specialist biomedical area and will learn about the molecular mechanisms leading to major human diseases and their current treatments. You will also work towards identifying medical advancements and possible innovative therapeutic approaches using technological developments. The specialist areas to choose from include cancer biology and therapy; genomic technologies; vaccine and immunization; or radiation, toxicology and pollution. Youâ??ll identify areas where there are knowledge gaps in current medical understanding. Throughout the course you will be encouraged to address these gaps by looking at existing research and literature and conducting your own research. At Brunel we recognise that strong practical skills in all fields of biomedical sciences are important to employers. For this reason we have a large practical element to the course. Youâ??ll gain experience of different modern laboratory techniques and consider the legislative and ethical aspects linked to the discipline. Youâ??ll learn computational skills and be trained on critical analyses of the molecular problems leading to human disease and to identify intervention opportunities. In addition, youâ??ll receive training in statistics and bioinformatics which are fundamental to the biomedicine sector. In our 'Scientific Communication' module youâ??ll learn how to disseminate medical information to a range of audiences. Your writing skills will be developed to target a diverse range of audiences, from medical practitioners through to the general public. You will learn to write your research findings in an academic style and a journalistic style - skills which will be invaluable in a range of biomedical careers.

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