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Coventry University
  • Data de início

    2020 - 2021
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    Coventry University
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    Master of Arts

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Technological advances have transformed the 21st century media landscape and led to a rethink of traditional media forms â?? anything and everything from music to television, books and movies â?? and their channels of distribution. Grounded firmly in practice, this course aims to provide a detailed understanding of contemporary global media production and consumption â?? especially digital media â?? within a historical context. By making you aware of how key historical practitioners have shaped media alongside the latest practical, technological and theoretical developments within the profession, we hope to provide you with the means to construct new forms of imaginative material. You will have chances to be involved in practical hands-on projects throughout the course, using our extensive media resources and adopting a structured approach to research, writing, presentation and production of a number of visual and aural pieces. These experiential learning experiences, often taking place outside of the University, will enable you to interact with a variety of external groups and communities finding innovative aesthetic ways to communicate some of the everyday issues occurring in the external social world. All student work is outward facing; productions from every semester are shown publicly using our state of the art media base at THE TANK. These regular screenings and actions ensure real life public reaction to the work produced that in turn influences practice. You can learn from teaching staff with contemporary industrial, applied research and teaching experience. This includes: multiple authors; a film director responsible for producing hard-hitting documentaries for cinema, BBC Television and Channel 4, the director of BAFTAâ??s Los Angeles archive project; and a video researcher/cinematographer for Ofcom, BBC Trust and Channel 4. Key course benefits;

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