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Coventry University
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    2020 - 2021
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    Coventry University
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    Master of Arts

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We consider one of the core issues presented by the international system as it has evolved is the establishment and maintenance of order and the reconciliation of this goal with that of the achievement of justice for the competing claims of groups, both territorial and non-territorial, and individuals. This fascinating course explores the emerging global order of the 21st century from the perspectives of diplomacy and international law. Rapid change at both the domestic and international levels â?? globalization â?? is transforming the policy environment and context in which both are constrained to operate. You will study the changing environment and new challenges it presents, such as gender equality, climate change, modern slavery, terrorism and organised crime. The course focuses on two sets of inter-related issues which are central to an understanding of this changing environment. Firstly, we will look at the role and nature of diplomacy as a key mode of communication between states and other actors on the international stage. Secondly, we examine the development and adaptation of the norms and rules of international law, which have traditionally constituted the main sources of order in the international system. Attracting students from a number of different countries to this course, in the past including Nigeria, Indonesia, Croatia, Oman, Austria, Ghana, Pakistan and the UK, we offer a multicultural learning experience of diverse cultures and values, which will better prepare you to work in an increasingly globalised job market. The School of Humanities and Coventry Law School has an outstanding network of professional contacts, which spans diplomats and diplomacy specialists in a range of prestigious external organisations, both private and public, our network has included Chatham House, the Centre for the Study of Slavery, the Royal African Society and the Institute of Cultural Diplomacy. These links are reflected in regular talks and events, past examples include an assistant district attorney from Sicily, assistant chief constable of South Yorkshire Police, deputy high commissioner of Tanzania to the UK; a senior manager from the UKâ??s National Crime Agency and a forensic accountant from the Italian national police. Key course benefits;

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