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Coventry University
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    2020 - 2021
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    Coventry University
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    Master of Science

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The world in recent years has witnessed a steady rise in social and economic cost of weather-related and geological natural disasters, such as the recent floods in India, South America and East Africa the earthquakes in Nepal, Indonesia, China and Mexico. More significantly as the in-country capacity of many nations is developed to deal with disasters, international agencies are left to deal with the most complex and protracted emergencies resulting in food insecurity, famine and conflict in case study locations such as the recent West African droughts and the famine in Yemen. Increasingly, an integrated global disaster response is called for, spanning multiple agencies and often many nations and governments. Responding agencies and their staff are facing new levels of complexity when trying to deal effectively with the management of large-scale, cross-country disasters. This Masterâ??s course aims to reflect the growing need for disaster managers to have practical solutions and be responsive and innovative in identifying, assessing and managing risks, hazards, emergencies and disasters. Broadly-based, it covers a range of exciting and relevant topics within the interdisciplinary field of disaster management. Focusing on the theoretical, policy and operational aspects of disaster management, we aim to use international case studies, guest speakers and workshops to illustrate how applied and theoretical knowledge complement each other. Key Course Benefits

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