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Coventry University
  • Data de início

    2020 - 2021
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    Coventry University
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    Master of Science

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Whether you are currently working in emergency planning or are seeking to enter this potentially life-saving field, this course aims to enable you to develop the skills and expertise to work in a range of organisations with emergency response duties, such as local government, the uniformed services, health and other public sector agencies, as well as private sector companies. Course content is broad-based to reflect the multidisciplinary nature of the subject. For example, as well as being taught current and evolving techniques and tactics used to plan, prepare or respond to national emergencies, we will also cover critically appraising relevant technical data and information. Students will have the chance to learn about behavioural theory at an organisational and individual level, providing an opportunity to develop a wide range of interpersonal, communication and leadership skills to help students develop and run appropriate training initiatives and coordinate the work of multi-agency teams. Over 20 years ago, Coventry was one of the first UK universities to offer courses in the areas of disaster management and emergency planning. Our goal is to work with current and future practitioners to improve the effectiveness of integrated emergency management within the UK. Members of our teaching team have practical experience and have carried out research in emergency planning and management. This includes emergency planning for high hazard industrial sites, preparing for and managing mass gathering events, risk mapping and the preparation of response frameworks for mass evacuation, and the design and running of simulated emergency exercises. We aim to draw from our own experience, as well as real-life case studies, to help you link the theories of emergency planning and management that you learn, to their application within actual local, national and international contexts. Key Course Benefits

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