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Coventry University
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    2020 - 2021
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    Coventry University
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    Master of Laws

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Given the increasing internationalisation of business, international business law continues to be of significant relevance and importance to all manner of businesses and their legal advisers. Our programme seeks to provide an in-depth understanding of international business law in areas such as trade, corporate governance, litigation and arbitration, environmental and competition law, providing you with the expertise and capability to reduce the risk for companies who trade internationally. It is aimed at a wide variety of students within a broad market, but specifically law graduates, legal practitioners from the UK and other jurisdictions, and international studies and politics graduates with some knowledge of law. We benefit from an extensive network of professional contacts, including Mills & Reeve LLP, The Commonwealth Secretariat, Leigh & Day Solicitors, No 7 Bedford Row Chambers, (London), Bailey Wright & Co. Solicitors (Birmingham) and Angel Solicitors LLP (Coventry). We use these links to ensure course content is regularly reviewed and updated to reflect the requirements of the profession, the needs of industry, new legislative changes and to stay abreast of relevant contemporary issues, such as foreign direct investment (FDI), liability of multinational enterprises, climate change, regional integration and so on. Members of our staff are research-active in areas including European and international law, in different areas such as intellectual property law, international trade law, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility, among others. They worked as advisers to governments, industry, regulatory authorities and NGOs, both nationally and internationally. We have also invited guest speakers from leading law firms such as Ince & Co and Curtis Mellot Prevest. The School produces its own in-house journal, the Coventry Law Journal, published twice a year, which contains contributions from staff and students both here at Coventry and from staff at other institutions. We also host regular seminars from our staff and postgraduate students, which have recently covered, for example, intellectual property practice in the 21st century and arbitration in international investment law. Key course benefits;

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