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Coventry University
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    2020 - 2021
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    Coventry University
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    Master of Arts

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Declared dead in 1839 by the French painter Paul Delaroche, on examining the results of early experiments in photography, painting has experienced something of a revival in the 21st century. Over the last 50 years or so, fine art practice has grown to encompass work in a huge range of media, often interdisciplinary, merging traditional art forms, like painting and sculpture, with newer disciplines like photography, video and computer imaging, among others. However, the rise of technology which caused painting to be viewed as outmoded by some is now responsible for renewed vigour in the subject. The fact that technology has become more and more ubiquitous, embedded in all areas of work and life, has caused many across the art world to reconsider and reappraise traditional disciplines, such as painting, within the broader culture of art and design. Painting involves itself with substance, with physical making and manipulation, something which technology cannot do. Young artists are seeking to redefine painting in the digital age as an important means of modern cultural production is becoming more pronounced. Responding to this perceived shift in attitudes, our course adopts a more 'disciplinary' approach to study, where painting is considered as a distinct language and standalone discipline capable still of expressing ideas and human experience in a way not possible in other media. It seeks to develop, extend and challenge your individual practice as a painter, both technically and conceptually. You will learn about the historical contexts of painting and investigate the potential of the practice of painting as part of contemporary discourse. Encouraged to work in media relevant to your own interests and ideas, your studies will be underpinned by lectures with staff, who are themselves accomplished artists with expertise in a range of approaches to painting as a discreet discipline. They have exhibited widely in the UK and abroad, including the Royal Academy of Arts London, Tate Gallery London, Prague Biennale, Metropolitan Museum of Art New York and Soho House Los Angeles. Key course benefits;

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