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Coventry University
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    2020 - 2021
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    Coventry University
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    Master of Science

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The world is changing as a result of continued pressures from our activities. Every week, news stories present new or updated challenges from across the world, whether the use and disposal of coffee cups or the growing spread of plastic wastes in our oceans or the threat to endangered species. We need to create and maintain a world which is fit for future generations. No longer is it enough for environmentalists to â??save the planetâ??. Sustainability professionals must be able to work within the human and natural frameworks which underpin everything we do in order to create change. The course is made up of eight taught modules which all students take. Although the world is complex and full of uncertainty there are a common set of skills and attributes needed by the modern practitioner. These cover environmental, social and economic aspects of the sustainability agenda. Key to sustainability is the ability to work with and through stakeholders, who have interests in or are affected by our activities. The combination of scientific understanding and evaluation with social science techniques is becoming vital to the delivery of successful programmes such those aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. At the end of the course you should be able to use and evaluate a huge variety of information in order to meet challenges of this century. While climate change remains a clear and present threat, we must also consider our resilience and ability to adapt. And while energy and CO2 continue to drive many decisions, we must remember the vital importance of water, both quality and quantity; the waste we create and discard; the pollution from our economic endeavours; and the role of natural systems to support our species. The taught part of the programme will be supported with field trips (additional costs may apply), activity-based learning though role-play and simulated exercises, laboratory practical and real-world case studies. The teaching staff possess both a deep and broad set of skills and experience, both through research-led and industry/consulting careers and ensure the course meets current standards and requirements while also able to reflect on the changes that have happened. The course aligns and recognises the importance of both people and the planet in the delivery of sustainable development goals, both in the UK/EU and across the globe.

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