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University of Essex
  • Data de início

    2020 - 2021
  • Fees

    £18 460
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  • Campus

    The University Of Essex
  • Qualification

    Master of Science

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How do we make decisions about markets, businesses and customers? Whatâ??s the science behind these decisions? How does an understanding of human behaviour make better policies? Whatâ??s the impact of sales practices on customers? How do behavioural biases in customers impact how much theyâ??ll pay for a product or service? Behavioural economics is one of the fastest growing areas in economics in recent years. Insights inform business and public policy alike â?? we investigate the human and social factors influencing decisions made by consumers, borrowers and investors. In your first term, you design a lab experiment for one of your assignments. You can then test your idea by carrying out behavioural research from start to finish in ESSEXLab, our state-of-the-art social science laboratory. Youâ??re also trained in experimental design by lab experts and your lecturers, and can receive funding to carry out your experiment in the lab, subject to availability. You donâ??t need a background in economics to study this course. Our modules are flexible so you can choose to focus on specific topics that interest you. Weâ??ll teach you a diverse set of tools and methods, preparing you well for PhD study or a career in a number of fields such as business environments or public policy and implementation.

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