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Oxford University
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    2020 - 2021
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    Oxford University
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    Master of Philosophy

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The information provided on this page was correct at the time of publication (November 2019). For complete and up-to-date information about this course, please visit the relevant University of Oxford course page via MPhil The Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Philosophical Theology is intended to provide you with detailed knowledge of philosophical theology, its history and a cognate area of philosophy, with the opportunity to hone your skills in research and in written and oral argument in these subjects. The Faculty of Theology and Religion has a lively graduate community of students, including reading and work-in-progress groups. The course consists of a year of tutorials, producing written work, then followed by a year writing a dissertation. In the first year, you work on philosophy of religion, history of philosophical theology, and a specific area in either philosophy or theology. Depending on the subject and supervisor, there will be six or eight tutorials, each 75 minutes in duration, for which written work is normally produced. Instructors provide reading lists and help you choose topic for your work. Tutorials consist of close scrutiny and discussion of the paper and the issues it raises. In the second year, students are assessed via a 30,000-word dissertation and three three-hour written exams. Topics available in philosophy of religion include the arguments for and against the existence of God, but also subjects in the philosophical analysis of Christian doctrines. In the history of philosophical theology, you select two periods from the options of patristic (Origen, Augustine), medieval (Anselm, Aquinas) and modern (Kant, Schleiermacher, Kierkegaard) philosophy. In the third subject, you write on core topics and authors. MSt The Master of Studies (MSt) in Philosophical Theology offers graduates in either philosophy or theology the opportunity to undertake advanced study in a field bridging the two disciplines. Teaching is provided jointly by members of both the Faculty of Philosophy and the Faculty of Theology and Religion. The MSt in Philosophical Theology offers the opportunity to study the philosophy of religion and the history of either theology or specifically philosophical theology. Studies in the history of philosophical theology include the study of major philosophical works from each period in English translation. You choose to combine any two of the following three subjects: If you opt to study History of Philosophical Theology, you can choose to focus on two periods, for instance, the early medieval period and the period witnessing the birth of modern philosophy, 1760-1860. If you are interested in exploring the history of Christian theology, you can choose between early Christianity (to AD 451) and the Reformation period. Assessment consists of:

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