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Coventry University
  • Data de início

    2020 - 2021
  • Fees

    £9 250
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    Coventry University
  • Qualification

    Bachelor of Arts

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History at Coventry University links the study of the past to the state of society today. This allows our graduates to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to shape tomorrowâ??s world. Studying the way different societies and institutions of authority have developed and changed over time will help you to understand why people and governments act the way they do. It will also provide you with the opportunity to develop your global perspective and provide a broad knowledge of different cultures to prepare you for an international career in our globalised world. We will study the evolution and interaction of different states and societies around the globe. The course focuses on the period of history since 1860, with an emphasis on the 20th century. However, we will also cover earlier events to better understand important ideas, trends and developments, including race relations, the long history of climate change and the rise and fall nation-states and organisations such as the EU. Topics include the study of social movements, nonviolent protest, popular culture, political struggles and democratic advances and set-backs across the world. You will have opportunity to gain an appreciation of the changing nature of historiographical debates and, in doing so, will develop your ability to analyse and then prioritise sources of information and evidence, skills vital to decision making and a prerequisite in almost any career. You may choose to specialise in North American, European, environmental or social history, including the history of organised crime. You will also have the opportunity to learn how to produce and disseminate documentary films and other new media projects, providing you with invaluable digital skills alongside an ability to write, study independently, analyse, and think critically. The course provides an excellent foundation to pursue a range of careers in the public, private and voluntary sectors within areas such as documentary and media production, journalism, civil service, teaching, finance, event organisation, and digital publishing. Key Course Benefits: