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Languages for Global Communication

Coventry University
  • Data de início

    2020 - 2021
  • Fees

    £9 250
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    Coventry University
  • Qualification

    Bachelor of Arts

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Several of the other key languages on the CBI list (including German, Italian and Japanese) are also available to students through the Add+Vantage Programme of employability enhancement modules. Students whose first Language (L1) is something other than English will have an opportunity to learn English as a Second Language. Students will also have the chance to acquire a foundation in the study of how languages themselves are learned and taught which will inform their current and future engagement in language learning. The BA (Hons) Languages for Global Communication will also offer further opportunities for students to acquire an additional accredited qualification that is recognised worldwide, be this through DALF (Dipl?´me Approfondi de Langue Fran?§aise), DELE (Diploma de Espa??ol como Lengua Extranjera), HSK (H? nyu Shuip?­ng Kaosh??), AP(L)T (Arabic Proficiency Language Test) or CAE (Cambridge Advanced English). A final-year optional module, entitled â??Professional Qualifications Preparationâ??, aims to directly prepare students for these examinations. Formative and summative assessments will be designed to enable students to become familiar with the format of the official examinations. The module assessments will be a combination of formative and summative in-class tests. After finishing the module, students will then have the opportunity to take the official qualifications (typically in May). Students will also have the option of gaining free Student Affiliate Membership of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL). For the Affiliate Membership, which is annually renewable, students can apply when they show they are taking a language specialist degree. After graduation, students can then apply for full Membership (which includes benefits such as access to CPD webinars and participation in events with CIOL members from specialist divisions: â??Business, Professions and Government Divisionâ?? (BPG), â??Interpreting Divisionâ?? (ID) and â??Translation Divisionâ?? (TD)).