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Coventry University
  • Data de início

    2020 - 2021
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    £9 250
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    Coventry University
  • Qualification

    Bachelor of Science

O melhor curso na melhor universidade para você

Studying a physics degree at Coventry University will provide you with the opportunity to delve into the laws governing the universe, from a microscopic (particles and atoms) to an astronomical scale (planets and galaxies), and much more. A degree in physics may also open the door to a huge range of rewarding careers. Technological advances such as the current digital revolution, quantum computing, and holographic screens were driven by the curiosity of generations of scientists investigating the fundamental principles of physics. Future advances, will likewise, depend on our evolving understanding of physics. Since ancient times, critical thinking has been at the heart of all physical theory. It is a tradition in physics to question everything, to take nothing for granted, to test theory against experiments until one reaches a coherent and satisfying model of the world around us. Studying this exciting subject will provide you with the opportunity to develop practical, experimental and strong problem-solving skills. This may open the door, not only to careers in all areas of science, engineering and teaching, but thanks to the transferable nature of the skills developed, physics graduates are also much appreciated in areas as diverse as data science, actuarial science, finance and banking. Coventry University has long-standing research in many areas of theoretical and experimental physics: Fluid Mechanics, Magneto Hydrodynamics, Materials Science, Condensed Matter Physics, Statistical Physics and Complex Systems, Nanophysics, Cosmology and Lasers, to mention a few. Key Course Benefits