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Why the world needs more engineers

Dr. Patricia Ashman

Coventry University

Dr. Patricia Ashman will chat about the opportunities in the world of engineering and why now more than ever the world needs engineering to solve the problems we face globally. Moreover, she will give a quick overview of some of the most popular courses at Coventry University in the engineering sector.

Fashion: a powerful tool for change

Prof. Sarah Charles

Arts University Bournemouth

The UK has a reputation as an influential hotbed for new, young multicultural talent producing Fashion greats like Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Gareth Pugh, JW Anderson and new names like Richard Malone and Wales Bonner. British fashion has compassion and protest in its veins.

Innovation and Consumer Experience in Fashion Retail

Dr. Yiru Siregar

Nottingham Trent University

DR. ANNE Peirson-smith

Nottingham Trent University

 While global fashion brands and retailers dominate fashion culture, increasingly, small and niche spaces and fashion subcultures are developing for consumers that also encompass a sense of belonging and identification with neighbourhoods and their enervating and diverse cultural accompaniments. These characteristics include small scale retail precincts, food cultures, entertainment options, mixed populations of residents and visitors and users, as well as a strong assertion of identity and precincts for innovation & technology, experimentation, co-design, spatial use and alternative forms of display, retailing, and consumption as well as close community engagement.

The gut microbiome: Integrating health

Dr. Patrick Weisz

University of Essex

The role of the gut microbiome in health and disease and my research into the crosstalk between the gut microbiome and our cells. I will focus on the role of epigenetic mechanisms in this crosstalk. A large part of this work is a collaboration with a group at the University of Campinas, UNICAMP

Can Human Rights Save Democracy From Right-Wing Populism?

Dr. andrew fagan

University of Essex

There is a widely-held view that human rights and democracy are interdependent and mutually supportive. However, the assumption that human rights and democracy are entirely compatible has been severely challenged by the election of right-wing populist leaders in established democracies such as the US, the UK, India, Poland and, of course, Brazil. How should the human rights community respond to this challenge and can a redoubled support for human rights save us from right-wing populism?

Where a degree in Aviation and Tourism can take you

Dr. michelle callanan

University College Birmingham

University College Birmingham is a highly-specialised university based in the heart of Birmingham, the UK’s second biggest city, our Aviation, Hospitality and Tourism degrees are accredited by the University of Birmingham, one of the top 100 Universities in the world. This webinar will be led by the UCB Deputy Dean for the School of Business, Tourism & Creative Industries, Professor Michelle Callanan, and will allow you to get a better understanding of the industries of tourism and aviation. 

Contemporary Financial Management – the next step to success

Dr. Asif Sadiq

University College Birmingham

Are you fascinated by today’s complex global financial and business environment? Thinking of changing career, or just want to develop your skills and knowledge for the business or finance sector? Our UCB business and finance courses will help mould you into a strong decision maker, able to deal with the business and finance-related challenges facing local and international organisations in the modern world.

"Making it happen"

Dr. Daniel Ganly

Oxford Brookes University

Dr Daniel Ganly will give a 45 minute presentation, taken from a workshop he usually runs with MSc Business and Management students at Oxford Brookes University. He will focus on how leaders and managers can improve their personal effectiveness by using the most suitable leadership styles to “make things happen”. He will draw on theory of leadership and his experience to bring you practical insight as to how you can become a better leader. He will also be available to take general questions about the subject, the module he leads and masters level study at Oxford Brookes University Business School.

Energy Transition: from Offshore Oil & Gas to Renewable Energy

Dr. Patrick Verdin

Cranfield University

Dr. Patrick Verdin is a Lecturer in Energy Fluid Dynamics at Cranfield University. He has more than 15 years of expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamics applied to Aerospace (icing), Oil & Gas (multiphase flows, mixing, flow separation, droplet transport, sand erosion), and Renewable Energy (geothermal, wind, tidal).

An Introduction to Forensic Science Masters courses

Dr. Nicholas Marquez-Grant

Cranfield University

Cranfield University hosts many forensic-related disciplines, such as ballistics, explosives, materials science, engineering failures and forensic computing. These were greatly enhanced by the addition of forensic archaeology and anthropology, making us the only university in the world to accommodate these disciplines within a science and technology faculty.

Teaching and learning in UK Higher education: all the things you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

Dr. Sukhbinder Barn

Middlesex University

Dr Sukhbinder will cover all topics related to teaching and learning in UK universities. Students usually have doubts and hesitations about taking the next step, and not asking doesn’t help to take their career further. All questions you have unanswered about the UK Higher Education will be put on the table, discussed and enlightened.

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19 Outubro | 14h às 15h

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